Royal Queens Rising Podcast: Interview with DJ Chevi Red

DJ Chevi Red is a DJ and businesswoman based out of New Orleans. She has been DJing for almost two years and began her career when she saw a DJ during a night out. Chevi realized that she had what it takes to be a DJ, and learned her skills from Youtube videos. DJ Chevi Red prides herself on her brand. The “red” in her stage name comes from the fact that she always wears red lipstick, and she even has her own red lipstick for sale. When asked about business tips, she highly encourages consistency in branding and constant usage of social media. She has booked gigs and received shoutouts from musicians through her strong social media presence.  Chevi does a weekly live stream, but she also loves doing random streams to keep things interesting. Her live streams are mostly R&B but sometimes feature other genres as well. On advice for new DJs, she wants novices to make sure that they are DJing out of the love for music. She also recommends new DJs to practice as much as they can and to put their own unique spin on things. Chevi’s work is a lot of controlled chaos, as she is always blending genres together.  During the pandemic, DJ Chevi has been focusing on her rebrand. She was a club DJ but is making the shift to corporate events, fashion shows, and festivals. She has also been working on her online shop and gave DJ Rundat and exclusive hint at her newest product. The two DJs then shared funny stories about live streams and Chevi shared what New Orleans has looked like during the pandemic. 

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