Royal Queens Rising: Interview with DJ Shelly Rockstar

DJ Shelly Rockstar is a DJ from the Miami area with a business background. She has always loved music and had to turn her library digital when she had too many records. During this process, someone jokingly told her to become a DJ and Shelly began to entertain the idea. She started taking DJ classes while she was on maternity leave and eventually turned DJing into her full time job.  Shelly relied heavily on her business and organizational background to help get her new career going, and her education is still helping her to this day. She, like many other DJs across the world, had to get creative to keep her career alive during the pandemic. Shelly has used this time to get more comfortable on camera by hosting virtual events. She has worked Zoom parties for corporate entities and senior homes. Aside from online parties, Shelly has done drive-through parties and backyard movie parties (all socially distanced, of course.)  DJ Shelly also discusses the importance of being able to figure things out for oneself as a DJ and how essential it is to be flexible. She also talks about how other DJs are handling the pandemic and how everyone is just trying to keep their love of DJing (and their businesses) alive. DJ Shelly and DJ RunDat also take the time to assure their viewers that is okay to take a break during these trying times.  Then, Shelly advises new DJs to think about what genres of music that they love as a starting point and to just go from there. She and DJ RunDat also talk about the uniqueness of the Florida music scene and how Shelly has gotten inspiration from Miami. Finally, DJ Shelly covers her experience of learning how to DJ while raising her newborn child at the time. 

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