Royal Queens Rising Podcast: Interview with DJ Jess

DJ Jess got her start when she was a college student in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. She was always requesting music at her favorite college bar. At the time, the DJ at the bar was one of Jess’s sorority sisters. Her sister inspired her to DJ and soon enough Jess was a DJ herself. Jess began her career DJing with CDs. In her interview, she talks with DJ RunDat about when music went digital and the emergence of services such as Napster. Jess also spends a good portion of her interview discussing the challenges of being a DJ and a mother during the current pandemic. She explains how she tried to make a homeschooling schedule for her children while taking care of her DJing business. Jess also gives her thoughts on the upcoming school year and the possibility of needing to continue to educate her kids at home. She also goes into detail about one of her most exciting gigs so far – a parade! DJ Jess excitingly explains how she was able to DJ from the back of a moving truck in May. Lastly, Jess and DJ RunDat talk about what is next for DJs across the United States as COVID-19 cases start rising again. Jess describes how she is currently in a state of limbo, as it is possible that many July and August gigs could be postponed. However, DJ Jess remains positive and will continue with live streams if need be.

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