Meet Michelle Miller

DJ RunDat has been a Mommy DJ for the last 10 years. In 2019 she became the best selling author of, “How to Start a DJ Business.” Michelle is on a mission to support 1,000 female DJs in going from a hobby to a business. She helps DJs generate more leads, land consistent gigs and earn more money by tapping into the power of online marketing with her private coaching program, “Make Your DJ Business BOOM!”


I have mastered the juggling act of motherhood and running a successful DJ business working part-time. I make more money and work less which means I get to be with my family more. I have structured my business to work around my busy family’s schedule. I get to drive my kids to and from school and spend quality time with my family which is important to me.

I want to help you get started, so you to can realize your dream of becoming a paid DJ. I have learned a lot along the way and want to help you grow a successful DJ business.

I am committed to giving back to others and shorten the learning curve from A to Z. So you can confidently build your business, and value yourself enough to charge what you are really worth! Let’s connect and create a custom plan to make all your DJ dreams come true!