Royal Queens Rising: Interview with Empress Rose

Empress Rose speaks nine languages, owns a record label, writes her own songs, and manages athletes. Empress Rose is an inspiring woman who credits God and her hard work with her success. She is nominated for 43 awards for her recent documentary, which she created on her phone. She was the first female winner of a beat competition in Massachusetts, and she is nowhere near done. She is focusing on goals that will come to fruition later on while she continues to pave the way for others around her. She continues to set these long term goals to stay inspired and to gain experience in other fields. Empress Rose is a perfect example of breaking past the barriers of limited resources and getting creative to accomplish goals during the pandemic.  She manages one of the biggest artists in Jamaica and is able to manage international artists thanks to her mastery of languages. Her vast skill set has allowed her to create many amazing projects during the pandemic, follow her to stay updated on the amazing work that she is doing. Keep an eye out for her book and for the accompanying album! 

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