Royal Queens Rising: Interview with DJ Wildflower

DJ Wildflower has travelled around, but currently resides in Perth, Australia. DJ RunDat describes her trip to Australia when she was young, and DJ Wildflower explains how Australia has changed in the past year. According to DJ Wildflower, social distancing in Perth is going well, and she predicts how live event venues will change. DJ Wildflower started out as a live event coordinator, and has since transferred to DJing after witnessing issues within the industry around her. DJ RunDat and DJ Wildflower talk about some advantages of the new online environment such as international networking and virtual livestreams. DJ Wildflower discusses her experience while being a virtual DJ, and describes the personal connection with the audience that virtual parties now present. DJ RunDat, the owner of a clothing line named Royal Roots Enterprises, points out DJ Wildflower’s amazing style and fashion. DJ Wildflower explains that fashion is a way to express yourself, and according to her she dresses the way that she loves in order to be comfortable and happy. DJ Wildflower and her husband have experience in running and planning live events, so they have taken advantage of the situation and created their own event calendar. The ladies discuss the importance of being festive and finding ways to connect to other people during this time. 

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