Royal Queens Rising Interview: DJ Bselecta

DJ Bselecta didn’t go the traditional route of becoming a DJ. She originally was focused on becoming an A&R representative. However, after attempting this she realized that the music industry was not the place for her to thrive in. A few years later she learned how to mix with one of her friends in her garage. Soon after that she started practicing and getting gigs. Her name comes from another name for DJs which is “selector” and her first name, which starts with B. DJ Bselecta is from Canada and she focuses on dancehall and reggae. Her first experience with the genre was in a Canadian club, where she fell in love with the music. DJ RunDat and DJ Bselecta talk about their appreciation for reggae and dancehall and how they grew into the genre. DJ RunDat recalls when she attended Reggae on the River while pregnant, which she hopes will return after COVID. DJ BSelecta is also a mother so she explains the challenges of being a mom and still continuing her DJ career. Support DJ Bselecta on her social media and keep an eye out for her if you’re in the LA area! 

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