Royal Queens Rising: Interview with DJ Sierra Jane

DJ Sierra Jane, a DJ in Melbourne Australia, started her DJing journey in Vietnam when she stumbled upon a DJ course. Although she was on the course of becoming a flute teacher, she soon saved up for her own decks and started learning skills to become a DJ. She has built a successful DJing business by playing at clubs, weddings, and private events. She describes her musical influences as DJ Havana Brown and Avicii, and plays mostly modern, popular music. Australia is still under strict lockdown which has forced DJ Sierra Jane to cancel most of her planned events for this year. She speaks about how she’s coping with this and how she’s planning on reinventing herself in the process. The ladies discuss their online presence and the online market today which is ever-changing. DJ Sierra Jane goes into detail about the equipment that new DJs will see and should become familiar with, as well as tips on switching between these pieces of equipment. DJ Sierra has just started live streaming on Twitch, and is available on all social media platforms as well. If you’re interested in learning more about this Royal Queen DJ then go take a look at her website,  

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