Royal Queens Rising: Interview with DJ Nicki Nell

DJ Nicki Nell is a DJ and choreographer from Massachusetts. Her business mainly focuses on weddings but Nicki works other events as well. For weddings, Nicki also provides lighting, photo booths, videography, and photography for an all-inclusive experience. She is constantly expanding her business and prides herself on being able to work with many different DJ setups. Nicki began her professional career as a dance choreographer. She formally became a DJ when one of her students asked her to DJ at a party because Nikki’s music selections in the class were so well-liked. Nikki considers herself to be very independent and figured out DJing by herself. She advises new DJs to be kind to themselves and to understand that it is perfectly okay to figure things out at their own pace. Nikki also urges DJs to help each other out and emphasizes that there are enough gigs for everyone to be working. She also discusses the power of social media and how the Internet helps her to connect with fellow DJs that inspire her. Although Nikki loves what social media has done for her business, she believes that her business has grown the most from word of mouth referrals. She has used Google Ads and Facebook Ads but for her, nothing has been as good as verbal referrals. Nikki encourages DJs to give more than a hundred percent at every gig because you may never know who is in your audience. Nikki also wants her colleagues to know that when you are DJing, you are performing. It is important to set the tone for the event by interacting with the audience and hopping on the mic. Lastly, Nikki discusses with DJ RunDat how to properly set DJing prices and how she avoids burnout to continue doing the job she loves.

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