Royal Queens Rising: Interview with DJ WuWu

While living in Taiwan for an internship, DJ WuWu became involved in the electronic dance music scene, which cultivated a love for electronic music. She later returned to Boston where she saw a “sign” for a DJ Academy. She began to learn from people at the Academy and developed her mixing skills. She moved to Los Angeles, forcing her to leave the DJ Academy behind. She soon found herself in classes again and became an active DJ in the vibrant LA music scene. She booked gigs for large parties, clubs, and even cruise ships. COVID has led to a new era of DJing, which relies on streaming from platforms such as Twitch and TikTok. DJ WuWu has learned more about after effects and green screens to bring her live streams to the next level during the pandemic. There are challenges that DJ WuWu has faced, learning to operate technology on new platforms can be a daunting task. The two DJs talk about Gary Vee, who has become a source of inspiration for them. DJ RunDat speaks about the business side of the DJ business and how Gary Vee inspired her to be more active on social media. Finally, the experienced DJs give advice to aspiring DJs and how to handle the obstacles that they will face. The topic of stage fright and different ways to handle is discussed. These include grounding yourself with positive affirmations and making yourself step outside of your comfort zone so that you can grow as an artist. The more that you try the things that you are afraid of the more you realize that they never were as scary as they were made out to be. Self-criticism can be your worst enemy, so it is important to believe in yourself and to confront your fears so that they don’t become your limits. 

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