Royal Queens Rising: Interview with DJ Femme

DJ Femme was first introduced to the electronic music scene when she was 18 years old. She discovered that she really enjoyed the music that they played in clubs and decided that she wanted to learn how to DJ. Later on, she rediscovered her love for the music after watching a female DJ in Palm Springs. She began to collect music and reach out to other DJs and friends who helped her into the music scene. Although she didn’t have a mentor she was determined to learn about the craft, dedicating her time to the internet and other resources to teach herself. She soon found herself working with other DJs and quickly expanding her network. DJ Femme started DJing in Palm Springs in places such as bars, gay clubs, and hotel pools. It was at these hotel pools that DJ Femme discovered her love for the chill house and disco genres. Since the COVID outbreak she has also started streaming on several platforms, including Livit, that have helped her expand her network of supportive DJs. DJ Femme found that competition was prevalent in the community, leading her to emphasize her personality and what made her stand out. The importance of having support from other artists and having a network is highlighted by the shared but separate experiences of both DJ Femme and DJ RunDat. The sentiment shared by both DJs is that music doesn’t and shouldn’t be a competition. Everyone has their own ideas and strengths that makes their music uniquely them. DJ Femme is hoping to work on many other creative projects while still streaming and playing an active role in the DJ community as it undergoes changes. 

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