Queens on Decks Episode #8 Featuring DJ Stephanie Stardust

Dj Stephanie Stardust started as a Karaoke singer with a regular job at a hotel. She juggles both these jobs along with her child and with the support of her fiancé and his family ⁠— now that’s one kickass mom! After she got cut-off from her regular job, she immediately resorted to DJ’ing considering her experience and love for music. It was not an easy path but 10 years later, she got both her passion and business right at her fingertips. For growing businesses, her best advice is to expand your network and make sure to give an incredible performance, because, in that way, word of mouth marketing is easy. Connect with your audience in every performance you do, see if they are grooving with your music. She also said that DJ’ing is a bit different from Karaoke hosting because when you DJ, you just have to stay in your lane, but with karaoke hosting, you have to show a whole lot of personality and you have to think that it’s not about you, it’s about them. 


DJ Stephanie Stardust is a Karaoke host and DJ and she’s the owner of the Royal Beats DJ Services. 

Despite being an owner of her own business, she still sings, host, and DJ!

She always puts a spin of her personality in every event that she is in and that’s what makes her special and in demand in the industry.

Connect with DJ Stephanie Stardust on InstagramTwitter, Facebook, and on her Official Website.

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