Queens on Decks Episode #10 Featuring DJ Kristin

DJ Kristin Wilson owns an all-female multi-app which is based in Orlando. They do almost any kind of events such as weddings, corporate events, and trade show parties. She has been in this business for 12 years and the person that sparked her into this career is her ex-boyfriend and his boss became her mentor which he trained her on how to have a personality and lead a room so that people will have a great time and up to this day, he’s still her mentor. Before she started her business, she does marketing at a hotel full time while DJ’ing on the side and doing both helps pay the bills. But then she realizes that if she can create markets that are good for the hotel’s revenue, then building her own DJ’ing company is possible and so she started establishing networks and now the business is 9 nine years in and still running. One of the things that she envisions for her business is for women to look and say that they love what they are doing and they can still make good money out of it. The best tool to market yourself is through social media.

What’s really important in being a DJ is to create a brand for yourself, find a niche or specialty that people will remember you for doing it. Stand out in the crowd. DJ Kristin wears sparkly pink shoes every time she DJ’s and it might sound unusual or unnecessary, but that little detail can pique people’s interest in you. Start building a huge network because you never know these people could be your potential clients, could lead you somewhere amazing, or could support you whenever you need help.

You can find DJ Kristin anywhere online: InstagramFacebookYoutube, and at Our DJ Rocks Website.

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