Queens on Decks Episode #7 Featuring DJ Sabrina

DJ Sabrina’s started working at a local newspaper after college and did not have any single knowledge about DJ’ing. She was invited by someone, whom she didn’t know owns a DJ company which has been operating for 30 years, to be a part of his team and he said that they would love to train her since she has a good set of music and he likes her personality as well. She started working for the company by January at that time and she did 90 weddings that year. Currently, she is a wedding DJ; she hosts karaoke nights and single events; she also DJ’s depending on the event. She may now have her own company but she still works at the company who jumpstarted her DJ career. DJ Sabrina said to erase the notion that just because you are female you can’t be an amazing DJ; keep learning, ask questions, and love what you do. Talk to a lot of people so you can build connections, this will help you become more successful in this industry.

DJ Sabrina continues to upgrade her equipment all over the years and according to her, the possibilities are endless in learning new things. There are times when she was turned down because some gigs required male but thanks to her amazing support system, she was able to break out of her head and gradually gained more confidence in being a female DJ. DJ Sabrina’s advise to someone who wants to take this path is to never stop learning and always keep your passion for this craft burning.

You can find DJ Sabrina anywhere online: InstagramFacebook, and AfterHoursEvents Website.


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