Queens on Decks Episode #6 Featuring DJ Sep

At a very young age, DJ Sep has always loved music but before her career blossomed into the world of DJ’ing, she was encouraged by a mutual friend to DJ at a radio station but then declined the offer because she used to hate the sound of her voice. But through volunteering, she got into a show and so her introduction to the world of music began through college radio. There was a time in her career where she felt lost but she would always come back to her love for music. Being a mom was never easy but DJ Sep was a force to be reckoned with. She is a fierce woman who will do anything for her family and despite the challenges that she faced in her life, her passion for music and DJ’ing was unstoppable.


One of DJ Sep’s wise words was to be smart in every decision that you take and to put your energy into something that you truly love. DJ Sep is a supermom in many ways, she was able to balance her time with her family while blasting music and running parties. Despite the variety of music she plays during her shows, DJ Sep’s always comes back to her love for reggae and supported its community.

You can find DJ Sep anywhere online: InstagramFacebookTwitterYoutubeSoundcloud, and on her Official Website.


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