Queens on Decks Episode #5 Featuring DJ Nikki Z

Dj Nikki Z’s success doesn’t only rely on her musical abilities, she is also a total personality as a radio DJ on QueenZ. She emphasized that the core of being a radio host is how you present yourself to your audience, in other words, they should know you through the heart of your personality. Although she plays different genres depending on the client’s request, her spirit speaks for the reggae nation because it holds cultural value to where she came from. Her piece of advice in promoting your product is that, remember to always believe in it, bring it everywhere you go until a special person or a celebrity gets a hold of it and that’s free marketing you got there. 

For a Radio DJ to be successful, you must first establish an identity and the key is personality!

DJ Nikki believes that her mission is to stay true to the music she loves and keep presenting it out there and that is the Reggae music.

You have to believe in your craft, think of it as it is your life and it is your quest to share it to the world!

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