Queens on Decks Episode #30 Featuring DJ Nickiee Good Girl PR

High school was the moment when DJ Nickiee decided that she wanted to take the route of DJ’ing. She would collect tapes and CD’s and she’s an avid fan of genres such as hip hop and R&B. Her first touch of the decks was on the Year 1999 when her grandparents bought her a pair of Stanton belt-driven turntables and she would also collect pieces of vinyl, but she believes that listening to music on CD and radio help shaped her knowledge in DJ’ing because after all, DJ’ing is knowing your music. Fast forward, she is now a supermom and a DJ and she does gigs on Friday and Saturday nights. It is a total learning experience for her daughter when she lets her come during her gigs, from setting up the equipment to pressing the buttons. For DJ Nickiee, being a MOM DJ is a privilege because being one makes you more accountable and you have better time management skills, depending on the music that you are going to play, it may take 4 hours for some to mix music, but for mom DJ’s, 2 hours will do.

For newcomers on the DJ’ing industry, one of DJ Nickiee’s best advice is to just love the music that you’re playing, and then when you love the music that you’re playing, you’re going to want to mix it well. Apart from being a DJ, she also owns a PR company together with her team: a graphic designer, bookkeeper, web designer, and publicist. The opportunity does not stop there for DJ Nickiee because right now, she is a radio DJ in South Africa that has almost a million listeners. It wasn’t really planned out but just like her PR gig, she just went with the flow and was fortunate enough to be offered with something that she loves doing. 

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