Queens on Decks Episode #29 Featuring DJ RJ the DJ

As simple as it may sound, DJ RJ the DJ’s moment of enlightenment in becoming a DJ was when a DJ came to her 13th birthday, and that was all it takes for her to decide she will also be taking that route. Shortly after that moment, she started taking classes and after finishing her studies, she became a radio DJ. She had two mentors in her career, one was Robin who was more in teaching her about equipment, reading decks, and getting accustomed to controllers while for Kenny Clips it was about matching her tempos with beats, fade in and out and some other tricks. She can play any kind of genre but her favorite is African House Electro Dance. DJ RJ the DJ has mostly done gigs in clubs but right now, she is most interested in corporate events because it is more chill and she gets to network and festivals because that’s where she gets to have fun and see a lot of people. In the place where she is from, entertainment is an afterthought, which why sometimes you don’t get what you demand because the budget left for the event is what you can only get which is tricky. If you are interested in becoming a DJ, you just have to start now and everything will follow. Meet people, create a network as it will help you establish a presence in the industry and you might also be able to collaborate with other companies and brands. For RJ the DJ, she does not care whether she stands out or not as long as she gets the job done.

You can find DJ RJ anywhere online: FacebookOfficial Website.

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