Queens on Decks Episode #28 Featuring DJ Staci the Trackstar

DJ’ing has been her full-time job for almost seven years now and she does mostly mobile events but also has some local residence in San Diego. Her interest in DJ’ing started when she used to date a DJ guy who only plays Spanish music so she told him to set up the gears and let her play the music and from there on, she went to DJ school. She took private lessons with DJ Hapa from the Scratch Academy, and also at Global BPM in San Diego. DJ Staci has also been in a lot of conferences and expo and she believes that these events can help your career in some ways because of the information you can get from other DJs from mixing techniques to the latest trends in the industry. Two of the important aspects of these events are networking, meeting other DJ’s and the performance and sometimes she would also be invited to perform which she really loves. She works as a writer for 5 years before she became a DJ and so she was able to utilize her talent in writing through blogging and that became one of her sources in marketing her DJ business.

DJ Staci has already been invited as a speaker on some events and her advice for those who will be doing the same is, make sure to practice and rehearse especially in getting your relaying the right information without compromising your time. As a DJ, you may be used to getting a loud reaction from the crowd when they are connecting with you, but in speaking, it is the complete opposite because when your audience is quite, it means that they are taking notes and they are listening to you which is a good thing.

You can find DJ Staci anywhere online: FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Official Website.

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