Queens on Decks Episode #14 Featuring DJ Breezy

Hailing from Nova Scotia Canada, here we have DJ Breezy! She is a sound tech and went to school for it for 9 months and what makes her more amazing is that she sings, plays the guitar, organizes events, and she’s an event promoter. Since then, DJ Breezy has already been inclined to the sound of music as she had been a member of the choir for 10 years and in high school, she took a guitar lesson together with her friends until they formed a band and did a concert every month for half a year. They went on to their own ways after graduation but DJ Breezy decided that she really wanted to pursue music and so she went to Divinity College in Halifax and there, she learned a lot of things from sound production to making portfolios. Her first post-graduation career was as an online radio DJ. It was an amazing experience being a radio DJ but personally, she feels like her potential is being limited because you only play music which is on the top of the playlist and she believes that she can do more than that. She has already played on bars, festivals. The biggest challenge that she faced being a mom DJ is having to look for her child and transportation.

Through volunteering, she was able to create connections with different people in the industry which helped her in getting gigs. After seeing a female DJ playing in Halifax, DJ Breezy felt motivated to work even harder and take DJ’ing seriously knowing that her hometown Nova Scotia is a male-dominated environment. DJ Breezy believes that latching onto her passion for music helped her more than just finding a job, it also gave her a sense of purpose to inspire people in her community knowing that their town is small which puts stress to the people leading to drugs and alcoholism. She is also thankful to have people who supported her along the way because the support system is very important especially when you are an artist. For DJ Breezy, the because thing that you are going to overcome when you stumble or mess-up because this phase is inevitable and this will also help you to become better.

You can find DJ Breezy anywhere online: Facebook, Soundcloud

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