Queens on Decks Episode #13 Featuring DJ ReRe

DJ ReRe was pushed to become a DJ by her girls who had nothing to do with DJ’ing, which she didn’t aspire to be at that time, during college and all she wanted to do at that time was to create music, be on the radio, and produce. She would have house parties and people loved the music that she plays and her sister would say that it was she who created it. For 6 months, she learned DJ’ing through Youtube, it wasn’t easy, but it helped her to become the DJ that she is now. It was the year 2007 that she started to DJ but it was during 2009 where she really got her pace and she does DJ’ing as a side job while working at a full-time job. She worked for a homeless shelter, program director, for the state, but she turned her back on these secured jobs including its benefits because for her DJ’ing was her thing and now she’s an independent business.


DJ ReRe said that it was scary to quit her full time for something that is unsure or vague but there was one guy who pushed her and saw something in her that she didn’t see and when she went for it, everything was worth it. She was just a neophyte when she entered Miami but she took the opportunity to be interviewed by DJ Irie who was the head of Carnival Cruise DJ’s, she proved herself and they loved her. DJ ReRe has this movement that says everybody can be cute and it’s not just about looking cute, it’s the whole attitude which makes you cute!

You can find DJ ReRe anywhere online: InstagramFacebookTwitterMixcloudYoutube, and on her Official Website.


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