Royal Queens Rising: Interview with DJ Staci the Trackstar

DJ Staci the Trackstar is an athlete, mother, and an amazing event DJ. She has relocated from San Diego to Cancun, Mexico and shares how her life has changed. DJing has become more of a fun, laid-back event for DJ Staci, as she is focusing on clubs and bars rather than wedding gigs. COVID has changed the way that everything operates, and DJ Staci elaborates on the benefits and the negatives of an international move. DJ Michelle ‘RunDat’ Miller and DJ Staci bond over the fact that they are both mothers. Their mission to empower females coincides as they speak about recent events that benefit females and how DJs can become involved in movements. The ladies talk about their athletic endeavors and some minor downfalls, such as DJ Rundat’s incident at a track field. DJ Staci shares her personal story and how she has found a way to flourish in the music industry despite all of the changes happening in her own life, and in the world. 

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