Royal Queens Rising: Interview with DJ JLUV

DJ JLUV is a DJ with experience in many genres. She mostly plays R&B and Top 40s, but she incorporates Hip Hop and Reggaeton into her sets as well. She was introduced to DJing in a unique way when her high school boyfriend took up the hobby. She learned alongside him, and continued even after splitting with him and leaving high school. She currently resides in Colorado, where she is a resident DJ. She also travels to play at different festivals and concerts. She is known for her videos that she includes with her sets, she has had more time to work with videos and TV since the pandemic. Despite this extra free time, the DJ’s speak about how they miss performing in front of live audiences and their hopes for the future of the music scene. DJ RunDat and DJ JLUV talk about their different projects as DJs and how they attempt to add new twists to their musical endeavors. DJ JLUV is part of ‘The Core DJs’ which is an influential group of DJs that has connections across the world. The Core DJs also have a new branch, which is called Ladies of the Core, which is an important group that was founded to support other female DJs. DJ JLUV will soon have a show, called the Hit Spot, that will be available through Amazon or RokuTV in Sparkx Network. DJ JLUV is on every social media platform with the handle DJ JLUV.

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