Queens on Decks Episode #2 Featuring DJ Lipgloss

DJ Lipgloss’ DJ’ing career happened to be sweet serendipity when she was laid off from her work. She knows that she can work anything so she tried to be a comedian at a live stage which didn’t go so well because of her lack of confidence causing her to freeze on stage. She kept using the moniker Lipgloss, which was suggested by a guy she used to date, after leaving the comedy scene and she decided that she wants to DJ. She was off from work and she decided to go out to the club and play as a socialite; she’d take pictures of her and post it on social media and people would ask her if she was a real DJ. After that, she bought some equipment and she started reaching out to these DJ’s which eventually helped her by giving her tips. Her career started after her friend asked her if she wants to DJ to a club and it wasn’t easy but she mastered it. Her tip on people who wants to DJ is to go for it and be serious about doing it because it is not going to be easy especially the equipment which can be costly. Also, she said the only thing that separates a person who loves music and a DJ is the longevity, a person who loves music can be over from playing songs in maybe in 30 minutes but a DJ can withstand hours and hours without disrupting the vibe.

DJ Lipgloss went from a hotel employee to a comedian and finally a successful DJ through perseverance and willingness and to learn.

She struggled with self-confidence a very long time but she was fortunate to have supportive people who are close to her and she emphasized that in the end, it will always be about how you trust and see yourself that you can do it.

If you want something, then you just have to go for it!

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