Queens on Decks Episode #3 Featuring DJ CherishTheLuv

DJ Cherish The Luv started when she met an accident while skating on the top of the hill, hearing an intuition voice and got pushed aside. No treatment was working to clarify her memories but not until she heard Paul Anka Lonely Boy on the radio where she was brought back to some moment in her childhood of her uncle. She dove into music like crazy just to get the rush of memories coming back. Music helped her in a way that it would spark her brain, feeling like It was functioning again and she used it to figure out who she was. She started learning, rediscovering about music, took classes, threw Penny parties, and took whatever paid since it helped her in her therapy too. DJ Cherished believed that the best way to win your client’s heart is to play the music that they missed because it brings them back to the old happy memories that they cherished.

Dj Cherish was told that women shouldn’t DJ but that gave her a fuel to ignite more passion and dedication to improve her skills.

Take classes to improve your knowledge and skills about the equipment and always ask the opinions of others about your craft because this way, it will help you correct what you needed to change and improve what you needed to improve.

Always have a redundancy backup plan because DJ’ing is business and part of being professional is to deal with technicalities ahead of time.

You can find DJ Cherish The Luv anywhere online: InstagramFacebook, and on her Official Website.


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