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Queens on Decks Episode #1 Featuring DJ Dayna

Welcome to the Queens on Decks online show with your host DJ RunDat! Episode #1   featuring DJ Dayna!

Before her booming 15-year DJ career, DJ Dayna does DJ’ing as a hobby when she was in high school. But as her interest in this field continues to ignite, she made this hobby into a cash funding activity up until college and post-college (despite working in an 8-9 shift). Through perseverance and hard work, she got offered to work on cruise lines, weddings, astounding corporate events, and fashion shows, and she has also expanded her career by hosting. DJ Dayna firmly believes that in order to succeed in this business, you have to surround yourself with people that have the same passion as you; and do not be afraid to dive into the beyond because it is the only way that you’ll learn and become better with your craft.

DJ Dayna has continued to flourish in this industry for 15 years with her ability to DJ and host/entertain.

Her versatility in utilizing a variety of music genres on different occasions makes her an in-demand DJ.

Aside from hosting, she has also tapped the entrepreneurial side of DJ’ing.

Connect with DJ Dayna on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,mixcloud, and on her official website.

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