Royal Queens Rising Podcast: Interview with DJ Stephanie Stardust

DJ Stephanie Stardust is the owner of the Connecticut based Royal Beats DJ Services. Stephanie began her career in the industry as a karaoke host and eventually gained the confidence to start her own DJing business. Currently, she specializes in private events and weddings. Stephanie discusses with DJ RunDat the many DJing live streams that she has watched over quarantine and how fascinating it has been to watch how other DJs work. Stephanie explains how that as DJs it is not necessary to strive for perfection as long as the crowd is having fun. She also talks about how she has been getting business coaching from DJ RunDat remotely and how helpful business coaching has been for her. Stephanie urges other entrepreneurs to strongly consider giving coaching a chance since having a coach has really helped her strive for new goals and stay productive during the COVID-19 pandemic. She also speaks on the steps she is taking to keep herself and her patrons safe at her first in-person hosting gig since the pandemic began. Stephanie describes the measures she is taking to protect herself and her clients from disease while still maintaining a fun environment. At last, Stephanie gives great advice to new DJs. She advises them to build their audience online during quarantine, getting basic equipment, practicing at home, and knowing one’s music well. To Stephanie, these practices help instill confidence in oneself and make DJing more enjoyable for the DJ and the audience.

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