Royal Queens Rising Podcast: Interview with DJ Saya

Saya is a DJ, event organizer, radio host, author, and producer in London. She is originally from Finland and still does gigs around Scandinavia. DJ Saya is the author of two books: the first documents her own journey in entrepreneurship and is filled with advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and the second is about the importance of taking action’s towards one’s dreams. Saya discusses the challenges of being a DJ during the COVID-19 pandemic in her interview with DJ RunDat. They talk about turning to live streams through Twitch since all gigs and events for the foreseeable future have been canceled. They explain how to find the motivation to keep DJing during the lockdown and the positive things that have come out of the current situation. DJ Saya is the co-creator of the I Am the Music collective and details the mission of the group. I Am the Music aims to help artists level up in their careers by providing business advice in the entertainment industry. As mentioned earlier, Saya is a music producer and has three tracks coming out in July. She emphasizes the importance of being as visible as possible on social media and being consistent with content to see what works best for one’s audience. In fact, Saya’s current record label discovered her through an Instagram post. Saya and DJ RunDat examine the power TikTok has in the music industry, as popular songs on the app often go viral. Saya recommends new music producers to learn the structure of a musical track, buy music-making software, enroll in music production classes, and to watch online tutorials. Lastly, DJ Saya and DJ RunDat emphasize the importance of being accountable for one’s goals and taking the necessary steps to achieve these. 

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