Royal Queens Rising Podcast: Interview with DJ Rachel

DJ Rachel is a DJ based out of Connecticut. She started out as an assistant to her brother, who is a DJ. Rachel was called in one day when her brother was not able to make it to a gig. From then on, she built her client base and has been DJing since. Rachel created a Youtube channel around the time the platform went live. She claims that her main purpose for creating the channel was to address the unique issues that came with being a female DJ. Her Youtube channel consists of mixes, gig vlogs, and tutorials for other DJs. DJ Rachel has been using quarantine to put herself through a DJ boot camp. She sets up her gear outside and runs through different scenarios to if she is able to fix various problems instantaneously. Rachel encourages DJs to use this time to truly get accustomed to their gear and be comfortable with issues that may arise at gigs. She also talks about using TikTok, Zoom, and other social media platforms to reach out to other DJs to maintain a sense of normalcy. Lastly, DJ Rachel urges her audience to support DJs and vendors now so they can provide for us later when the pandemic is over. 

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