Royal Queens Rising Podcast: Interview with DJ Nickiee

DJ Nickiee is a New York University alum who still resides in New York. Nickiee is well-established within the world of higher education; she even went to law school at the University of Denver. Music has always been a big part of her life, as she used to collect CDs when she was younger. During her interview with DJ RunDat, Nickiee discusses how she is finding a balance between DJing and being a mother. She also talks about how she has been running her own PR company and how COVID-19 has affected business. On the topic of COVID-19, DJ Nickiee and DJ RunDat talk about how quarantine has led to a period of learning for DJs. They talk about how they each have been able to learn from other DJs by watching live streams and experimenting with new techniques themselves. DJ Nickiee also discusses her involvement with a radio station in South Africa and how the South African music is thriving. She gives advice to DJs who are just getting started with the radio industry. Nickiee advises DJs going on the radio to have DJ drops with their name for exposure, promote their mixes themselves, have clean records, and be prepared for anything. She also emphasizes the importance of knowing how to creatively transition between songs. Finally, Nickiee shows off some of the new DJ equipment she has purchased since lockdown. 

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