Royal Queens Rising Podcast: Interview with DJ Margo

In DJ Margo’s interview with DJ RunDat, DJ Margo describes how she first got into the professional DJ industry. DJ Margo chronicles how being surrounded by her much older siblings exposed her to new types of music and how she used to make mixtapes from recordings on the radio when she was younger. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, DJ Margo was originally a local news anchor. She started professionally DJing in 2014 but has been DJing on and off since 2011. DJ Margo left Wisconsin and moved to LA in 2014 and has been DJing there ever since. She stresses the importance of getting some type of education before going completely professional. For DJ Margo, education meant taking classes at Scratch DJ Academy. Scratch was originally founded by Jam Master Jay of Run DMC and has locations all across the U.S. as well as online courses. DJ Margo praises Scratch for their professionalism and briefly goes over some tips she learned on how to make smoother transitions between sets. DJ Margo and DJ RunDat also swiftly discuss their shared love of incorporating positive music into their sets. On advice for new DJs, DJ Margo heavily emphasizes the importance of believing in oneself. She also highlights the importance of making connections with other DJs and building a strong support network of people with similar goals. Lastly, DJ Margo explains how she continues to pay homage to her old career as a news anchor in her sets.


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