Royal Queens Rising Podcast: Interview with DJ Keelez

DJ Keelez is a Los Angeles based DJ. Growing up with a brother-in-law who was a DJ, she has always been aware of the DJing community. She specializes in private events and is one of LA’s premier DJs for LGBT weddings. Before she began her professional career, DJ Keelez took classes at the now-defunct DJ Arts Academy in San Francisco. She also had experienced DJs as her mentors. DJ Keelez discusses the convenience of digital DJing and the importance of good organization as a DJ with DJ RunDat. Keelez also shares some of the interesting people she’s encountered as a DJ in Los Angeles and tells DJ RunDat about past celebrity clients. She praises LA for its opportunities and the city in general. DJ Keelez gives helpful advice to new DJs and talks about the progression in one’s career. Many novice DJs start out doing unpaid or cheap gigs before they reach a certain level of expertise. She advises new DJs to know their clients well, seize opportunities, and to be patient. DJ Keelez also expresses the importance of having a strong Instagram presence, as she has gotten new clients who have seen her on Instagram posts. Additionally, she talks about whether DJs should be asking clients for Yelp reviews or not. DJ Keelez also examines how the DJ industry is largely male-dominated and how female DJs can find their place in the community. Finally, DJ Keelez gives great advice to other DJs on how to avoid burnout and keep their love for the activity.

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