Royal Queens Rising: Interview with DJ Marliii

Our guest this week began by discussing how she performed with her friends in 6th grade. She grew up wanting to make music and perform, so she went down the path of a singer songwriter at first. She experienced her first EDM festival when she was a young adult and realized that there was a whole music scene that she was not aware of. After this experience, she decided to research dance music further, where she discovered a few female DJs. Female DJs were rare, so this inspired DJ Marliii to join them. DJ RunDat also points out that the first female DJ she saw was on MTV. Although DJ Marliii did not have any mentors, she learned how to DJ and became part of the electronic music scene. She continued to go to festivals and concerts to network. She also plays instruments and sings, and produces her own music on different DAWs. Keep an eye out for the promo code that DJ Marliii shares with us for Splice. She hopes to inspire other young girls and show them that they are capable of becoming a DJ. DJ Marliii and DJ RunDat share their mission of empowering women, specifically those who want to become DJs. At the end of the episode, you will hear a snippet of DJ Marliii’s newest song, “Reigns”. Check it out now! 

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