Royal Queens Rising: Interview with Celebrity DJ Shitty Princess

DJ Shitty Princess is known for her electrifying sets and the lampshade that she dons every time she DJs at events. She is a celebrity DJ that, in her words, started out with “baptism by fire”. The first time she played was an opening set for Post Malone. Since then she has opened several events and continues to take part in exclusive lineups. DJ RunDat and DJ Shitty Princess talk about how you can support DJs during this time, and what independent artists can be doing in order to gain traction even during a pandemic. DJ Shitty Princess explains her own process, and how merchandise and following artists on social media could make a huge difference. She also talks about her business background and how she started out managing artists before eventually becoming one herself. This is similar to DJ RunDat’s business background and entrepreneur mindset. DJ Shitty Princess has some big things coming up this winter, keep an eye out for her new single coming soon!

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