Royal Queens Rising Interview: DJ Donna Lovejoy

Based out of Hamilton Ontario, Rachael Henderson, also known as DJ Donna Lovejoy, has twenty years of experience of DJing under her belt. She was inspired by the DJs at the underground raves of her youth, and found a passion for DJing after one of her brothers got into it. She decided to make a career out of it, and has been DJing ever since. DJ Donna Lovejoy will play just about any gig, from clubs, to weddings, to vintage markets! DJ RunDat and DJ Donna Lovejoy discuss the important connection between DJing and wellness- physically, mentally, and emotionally. DJ Donna Lovejoy is also a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and has combined her passion for music and natural health to launch Rock Steady Holistic Nutrition, specializing in Musician Health. In this interview, she provides us with an example of a simple deep breathing technique for listeners to try out. Be sure to check out DJ Donna Lovejoy on all of her social media platforms! 

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