Queens on Decks Episode #33 Featuring DJ Tandai

Since she was little, DJ Tandai has always enjoyed listening to music. When she finished high school, she became a radio DJ for 10 years but she realized that she needed to do something different and one thing that popped out on her mind is she enjoys mixtapes and so she applied for a five-day workshop on mixing music, and just last December 2019, she had already started mixing music. The genre that she loves working with is 90’s music. In Zambia, women are seen to be just doing household chores. When they see a female DJ, the first thing that comes to their mind is “naughty women” or “naughty girls” and playing in a club can arise some issues such as grabbing and etc. Times are changing now, and they already have a community of DJ’s that empowers women, breaking through the boundaries of stereotypes. DJ Tandai has a daughter and she is currently teaching her a few tricks and with a smile, DJ Tandai says that maybe in 7 years she can start playing music. 


Connect with DJ Tandai on Facebook and Instagram.


Connect with DJ Tandai on Facebook and Instagram

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