Queens on Decks Episode #32 Featuring DJ Mel

The first  DJ equipment that she started using was a turntable and from thereon, she just keeps learning and learning until she got to where she is now. DJ Mel got into DJ’ing through his older brother/best friend as he was a popular DJ in their town. She would be the person on the mic hyping people up while his brother plays the music. She is now booked on gigs from weddings to clubs and since she has a whole lot of opportunities, she promised that she would stop turning gigs down because that gig could be her blessing. Aside from DJ’ing, she does tax professionally as a part-time and her advice for DJ’s out there with regards to money is that, make sure to keep separate your personal account from your business account and keep all the receipts that you accumulated from DJ’ing. For DJ Mel, sometimes in DJ’ing it more than just about money, because when she plays a piece of music and she made other people feel good about themselves, then that is a testament that she is doing good which also makes her feel better. DJ Mel’s advice for those who want to carve their path on this industry is to remember that you will always start at the bottom and the only way that you’ll be going is up. Work harder, keep learning, take constructive criticisms, and be humble




You can find DJ Mel anywhere online: Facebook, Instagram.

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