In The Mix: A DJ Series, Hosted by DJ RunDat

At the start of February 2021, Michelle Miller, aka Boss Mama DJ RunDat, launched her newest project, In The Mix: A DJ Series. The project launch featured ten different DJs, experts, and creatives within the Music Industry. All guests described their journey through their career, discussed different business experiences, and shared tips for navigating the industry. RunDat’s ultimate goal was to connect with her DJ community and help to implement a virtual experience for her audience during the pandemic. She hustled and was successfully able to release both video and audio interviews once a day for ten days straight! She also managed to bring her community together through creating her new Facebook group, DJ’s Virtual Meet Up. Stay tuned for her second round of In The Mix: A DJ Series, which is coming in the near future!

Click HERE to join the DJ’s Virtual Meet Up Facebook Group and get special access to all guest interviews from In The Mix: A DJ Series!



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