DJ RunDat’s Interview with #ItGirlGlobal

DJ RunDat started her entrepreneurial journey 14 years ago with her clothing line named Royal Roots. It was  her way of staying in the music scene without having the mom guilt. She started setting up booths at concerts and festivals up until she found a way to do what she loves while making money,DJn. Her first DJ lesson was taught by her husband whom she met 11 years ago and he served as her mentor up until she started going on her own where she produced community family dance parties. Her daughter wanted to come to the parties and she thought that the community needed something fun to do. From thereon, her business just organically grew and it ascended from private parties to opening up for big artists like Shaggy, playing festivals, weddings, you name it! There came a point in her life where she realized that she wanted to share her success and how she did it, therefore, she opened up an online coaching business to mentor DJs and to let them know that their dream in becoming a DJ is valid and they can make money out of it to support their family and themselves.

We may all have different reasons why we choose the path we choose, but for DJ Rundat, she chose to be a Boss Mama DJ, serial entrepreneur because of how she values FREEDOM, FUN, and FAMILY in her life. She always had a vision of what she wants to become (music has to be part of it)  and to achieve that, she had to hustle her way up through hard work and absolute passion. Her advise to all the dreamers out there is whatever it is that you want to do, just go for it!


Connect with DJ RunDat on Instagram @djrundat,, and Official Website

Check out DJ RunDat’s book “How to Start a DJ Business” on Amazon and download a free digital copy today!


This interview was hosted by Kelly Schellenberg, your feminine powerhouse coach.



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